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ATTENTION : We are very grateful to have had the support from everyone last weekend. Its an experience we will always treasure and loved having their support.
One thing we do wish to inform everyone is that The Supertee Project is still in the process of obtaining its registered status with the ACNC.
We do not take any income from Supertee and all funds do go towards getting our packs to kids in hospital.
We understand that though we were called a charity during the segment its something we are working very hard on getting soon.
We love all our supporters and families greatly and want to be upfront at all times, should anyone wish to request a refund of their sponsored packs please do email us at


  • 100% cotton.
  • Cape designed to also be used as a bib.
  • Shoulder and side access for cables and tubes as well as easy of the shirt.
  • Packaged in a cool tin which includes a custom comic and activity book.
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The SuperteeTM garment is a new innovation in medical garments designed to make the stay of our little superheroes more comfortable and fun. Its’ practicality will also help the parents, guardians, nurses and hospital staff. The easily-removable shirt is 100 percent cotton, and allows easy access for medical tubes. It also comes with a cape that doubles as a bib. Another aim of the SuperteeTM garment is to help boost kids’ morale.

SuperteeTM garments are packaged in a cool tin which includes a custom comic, activity book, morale boosting themed stickers as well as a bookmark with an inspiring message for the parents/guardians.

NOTE : This purchase will contribute to an order which will then be donated to a child/children in hospitals who need a SuperteeTM garment. Shipping to a personal or specific address is not available. We will distribute the product in liaison with hospitals.